Every Event Planner must have their own event ticketing platform….. Why?

We all know the saying you only get one chance to make a good first impression, and never is this more true than at an event.If you are tired of managing your events with some disjointed combination of spreadsheets, email, survey tools, and your contact database, it’s time to get your organization on board with event management software. The right event software will allow you to streamline your event processes and manage all of your event data in one place.

Why Your Event Need Eventbrite Clone Platform – Ticketingsoftwares is a complete event planning software with the ability to sell tickets online for any event. The software enables you to setup your events, manage artists, shows, venues and locations, and then create sharp looking tickets. It also creates a Customer Website where visitors can check out your event details, buy tickets.

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Sell Unlimited Tickets with Zero Per-Ticket Fee: One Major factor that would drive you to consider Eventbrite alternatives is Cost.  Eventbrite charges 2.5% of the ticket plus $0.99 per ticket, plus a 3.5% payment processing fee. So, if your tickets are, say $20, and you sell 500 tickets to the event, your cost is $745 for that event. Ticketingsoftwares empower event organizer to sell unlimited tickets with zero per-ticket fees for your every event.


Host unlimited events: Event Organizer privilege to host your unlimited customizable events via single account. The more events you organize the more profits you earn with your own platform.

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Easy Ticket Cancellation: Attendees time is most important, if they can’t attend the event, it’s easy and simple for attendee to cancel their registration from their account. They are enabling to cancel one or more tickets at a time.

credit-cardsIntegration Of Your Own Payment Gateway: The biggest dislike was Order not Completed. Customer either had to try to place the order multiple times until they succeeded, or they simply gave up trying to purchase the tickets. With Ticketingsoftwares you can choose multiple payment gateway to provide hazel free booking.


Brand continuity: It’s difficult for event organizers to control the way in which the brand is expressed on pages linked to the website and powered by third-party software vendors. With a common platform, web visitors can go from page to page and have the same brand experience. 


Private events : Event organizers can setup special access codes to view and register for private events. This way, event organizers can easily manage who registers for their private events.

Bottom of the line: You can Turn your events into revenue drivers – One of the major advantages of Eventbrite Clone is simple access to tickets every time, empowering your attendies to purchase tickets whenever, day or night. With bigger numbers going to your event and an emotional increment in ticket deals, it is common that the Return on Investment of your organization will increment and you can offer enhanced fulfilment to customers at least cost.