5 tips for organising a race for a cause in your community

If your business is organizing a race for a cause in your community there will be plenty of different things to do to make sure that the event goes smoothly. We have gathered a few of the most important things together for you today to help you get started planning your event:

1) Online registration
Online registration is important because not everyone has the time or desire to fill out and send in a paper registration form. Have signup available at the event, but make sure to offer it well in advance as well.

2) Online waivers
Insurance and liability waivers need to be available online as well for the same reasons that registration should be. People might not be willing or able to fill out a paper form but they can do one online.

3) Social media promotion
Get the word out about your race! Social media is an excellent medium for promotion ahead of time, during, and even after the event if you approach things correctly. In the case of “before the race” promotions make sure to start at least a month before the race and steadily make more updates until race day arrives!

4) Fundraising/pledges
Offer racers the opportunity to raise additional money for the cause they are racing for by allowing them to collect donations or pledges and deliver those funds to you after the race. A simple form can let you know who is going to be taking this route so you know to check in with them before and after the race.

5) Refreshments
Make sure to organize refreshments well in advance, especially if you know you will have a large group of racers. Even something as simple as cold water will be appreciated and welcomed during and after a longer race.

There are a lot of other things you will need to plan for such as parking, any permits that are required to block roadways, and how to spread the word using traditional media. Just use your best judgment and keep a list of things to do and check off the tasks you have completed!