5 things to prepare on the event day

Technology has, indeed, made events organizing easier at least up until the run up to the event with the features that allow conference registration through online channels. Organizers can also sell tickets online and manage to book through various event planning tools. Despite these improvements, managing the event day still takes skill and a lot of mettle.

Here are 5 things that you need to prepare during the day of the event:

  1. Yourself, specifically, your sanity and common sense
    Planning every detail with assistance from your event management software is a big help. But, on the day of the event, things can deviate from the plan. When this happens you need to compose yourself because you should be prepared for the worst.
  2. Contact Numbers of All Vendors & Key People
    What if the caterers are late? Are the speakers behind schedule? The attendees listed on your online registration software is less than the actual number of guests? You need to have the contact details and mobile phone number of everyone involved to contact everyone when there is a change of plans or a problem arises.
  3. Brief Your Staff
    The success or failure of the event lies on the shoulders of the planner and the staff. So, you need to brief everyone before the event for some last minute reminders and additional instructions including emergency procedures, first aid, and VIP seating.
  4. Your Mobile Phone
    On the day of the event, you need to keep your mobile phone fully charged especially if it is your main method of communication between your staff and key personnel.
  5. Prepare a spare
    Plans change at the last minute! People who declined can show up so be sure to bring an extra of everything from place cards, to badges, to menus, guest lists, and a good writing pen. Also, bring cash, you never know when you need a bit of money to make the event run smoothly.