6 Tips To Write a Tagline For Your Event Website

  • If you want to create a tagline for your event website and to brand your event services, here are 6 tips to help you create a tagline that creates opportunities to communicate your purpose and differentiate you from other event planners

1. Short and sweet is best – the tagline that you’re going to use on your event website and other marketing materials should be short and simple.
2. Describe who you are – the goal of your tagline isn’t to be overly creative; it’s to describe who you are and what you do best. How do you make your client’s lives or jobs easier, for example?
3. Be clear – painting a picture of your event services is all about communication and proper branding so be clear, not clever. L’Oreal’s tagline stands for beauty and female empowerment and it’s used throughout their product lines, it’s philanthropic endeavors and it celebrates women.
4. Be you – Your personality sells your event services and so should your tagline. By capturing your personality, your clients identify with you and your brand – and if they don’t, then they may not be the event client for you.
5. Identify your advantage – knowing this allows you to charge premium prices and differentiates you from your competition. Ask yourself: What benefit do I want my client to gain? How do my event services make my client’s life better? How is my business better than my competitors? Note: when answering the last question – think beyond price!
6. Don’t be vague – by speaking directly to the benefit of working with you, and by being specific, your tagline should not be generic – it’s meant to set you a part from your competition.

  • Creating a tagline for your event website may not be at the top of your list but taglines build value over time and can be a memorable part of your marketing strategy.
  • It’s the glue that holds your brand together.